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Repiping is the total replacement of the plumbing in your house.  All pipe fittings, supply lines and stop valves are completely replaced.
Usually out-dated material, like Polybutylene or Galvanized Iron is begining to fail, and you realize replacing a single pipe or joint may only solve your problem temporarily. 
It's better, easier and cheaper to replace all of your pipes now with a newer or better material, like PEX, copper or CPVP, than to replace all of your pipes one by one.
Repiping is a big job, requiring a qualified professional like Bargain Plumber Las Vegas.  Doing a good repipe job can save you money, save you headaches, increase your comfort, and may increase the value of your home. 
Signs you might need a repipe:
- If you have a substandard material, like Polybutelene or galvanized pipes
- Low Water Pressure
- Leaking or Slab Leaks
- Yellow or Rust-Colored Water
- Water running even when no faucets are on
- Higher than normal water bills
- Visible corrosion of Pipes
- Water Meter shows water is running, even when water isn't running
- Washing machine takes longer than normal
- Shower turns scalding hot when a faucet is turned on
Which New Pipes to Install?
Nowadays, common choices are PEX, CPVC and Copper.  Bargain Plumber can install any material you want in your home, though we usually recommend PEX.

PEX:  At Bargain Plumber Las Vegas, we recommend PEX (usually Wirsbo AquaPEX™/Uponor™) for most repipe jobs.  PEX is a proven system that has been around for over thirty years.  Crosslinked high-density polyethylene polymer is a very flexible type of plastic that can take the rigors of high temperatures and high pressure without erosion.
PEX has several advantages over CPVC or Copper Piping.  Pex is flexible, which reduces the chances of a burst. PEX can withstand temperature extremes of hot or cold, without requiring additional insulation.
It's flexiblity also helps lower the cost of installation.  PEX can bend 90º, meaning we can reduce the number of couplings or fitting that need to be installed.  It can "snake" around corners, whereas a hard pipe, like copper or CPVC will need a joint to be installed. PEX reduces possible leaks by eliminating the need for tees and other fittings between the main supply line and the fixture.
PEX has a shutoff valve at each supply line.  This usually makes it cheaper and more convienient if you need to get repairs done in the future.
The smaller diameter of the tubing offers water savings, while rushing water to the desired outlet faster.
Sometimes you will repipe portions of your home.  PEX can be used in conjunction with metal and/or rigid plastic pipe systems. Connecting PEX with  copper, iron, PVC, ABS or CPVC allows you to utilize PEX without having to re-pipe your entire home.
Some older systems that will need a repipe job:
Polybutylene: The "ticking time bomb" of plumbing jobs.  It will fail eventually, and should be repiped as soon as possible to avoid the water damages that will be caused by leaking pipes.
From 1970 until 1990, polybutylene was widely used.  It was considered a great innovation in plumbing.  To the dismay of many homeowners, though, it was discovered that chemicals found in most city water (like Chlorine) have a negative effect on the material, causing it to harden and become brittle.
Since Polybutylene's defectiveness was discovered so long ago, it will be old if you have it in your home.
Polybutylene plumbing consists of flexible plastic pipe, gray when used inside and black or blue outside, with plastic-and-metal fittings.

Galvanized Iron: This is an Iron Pipe that is coated with Zinc to prevent corrosion.  The Zinc coating, however, eventually wears away and exposes the Iron.  Rust and corrosion can build up inside the pipes, resulting in low water pressure, or rust colored water.
Although you may not need to replace all of your pipes, often repiping the whole system is the best option. It can take a few days to complete a total repipe job and your home will be without water during this time.

You can choose to have your home repiped in segments. For example, the job may start with the pipes in the kitchen or one of the bathrooms and carry on in different stages. Although this might take longer, it means that only small parts of your house are without water at a time.

Bargain Plumber Las Vegas can help you decide which repiping process is best for you and your family. Once we have a plan we will replace any pipes necessary and have your home’s water back up quickly. Whether you have already decided you need repiping work completed or you are just beginning to suspect problems, call us today to discuss your options.
Potential Benefits of Repiping:

Reduced Water Bill
Reduced Plumbing costs
Clean/Clear Water - No Rust
Better Volume and Water Flow
Better Tasting Drinking Water
Increased Value of Home (or at least a great selling feature)

Repiping may also let you take a more comfortable shower, wash dishes, water the lawn, do laundry, and use sinks at the same time. Repiping gives you improved water pressure, better delivery of hot water, reduces or eliminates plumbing repairs, and saves money on water loss.