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One of the most disagreeable plumbing situations you can run into is sewer repair.  When your sewer is leaking or backed up, you will need to call a plumber.

Your main sewer line is the most important plumbing component in your home; it is responsible for collecting all the junk from your other drains, then flushing it into the main sewer, or your own septic tank. Repairing or replacing a sewer system isn't a simple job and you will want a qualified professional on the job;  like Bargain Plumber Las Vegas.  Just because we strive to keep our prices affordable doesn't mean you settle; we treat every job with urgency and professionalism.

Some common situations where sewer repair is needed:

Tree roots
- All trees need water to survive.  In a desert environment like Las Vegas, trees will desperately seek out the tiniest bit of water they can find.  If you have a sewer pipe with even a miniscule leak, a tree root will grow towards that leak because it is a constant source of water.  The roots will grow near the pipe, around the pipe, even into the pipe.  Great for the tree...bad for your pipe, as tree roots can easily turn a tiny leak into a broken, unusable pipe.
Bargain Plumber can remove the roots the roots that are damaging your sewer system without causing serious harm to the tree.  We can also do complete tree and root removals if the tree is simply too obtrusive.

Too Old
- Even in a new city, like Las Vegas, pipes can get too old.  At Bargain Plumber, we run across clay, cast iron and galvanized pipes all the time that need replacement with a newer material like PVC or ABS.   Often it isn't worth repairing an older pipe, when an upgrade is more cost effective in the long term.

Broken Pipe
- Pipes can get damaged for any number  of reasons: settling or shifting soil can crack a pipe; ground conditions can create a bend, or valley, in the pipe that will collect paper and other waste; pipes can corrode with time; seals between the joints can break, causing a leak.
Video Camera Inspections
-  Sometimes a pipe is broken and must be replaced, but often the pipe is simply blocked by buildup of sediment or grease.  Sometimes a foreign object gets caught in a pipe, making blockage instant or accelerated.  Bargain plumber will perform a video inspection to determine the root of the problem, and the most cost effective fix to problems with your sewer line.
Usually entering through the cleanout access, we take a cable-mounted video camera, with an in line transmitter, to get a look at the inside of your sewer line.  This can often tell us the nature of your leak or blockage.

Sewer Repair