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Water Heater

The easiest way to save money is to do a simple repair instead of  installing a new heater.  While some heaters aren't worth fixing, Bargain Plumber will always see if a quick fix is a viable option.  

Here are just a few maintenance and repair solutions that often save our customers the cost of replacing an existing water heater:

Make sure the power is on, or the gas is connected and the pilot light is lit.
A simple thermostat adjustment.
Replace the thermostat.
Insulating your pipes.
Install a new pressure-relief valve.
Drain the tank, remove sediment.
Replacement of the heating element.
Fix and leaks in the tank or pipes.

Replace / Install:

Most water heaters will last 10-15 years before they need to be replaced.  If your heater is nearing this age, trying to fix it might be a waste of money.  Water heaters are getting better and more efficient with new technology, which will often add the extra incentive when deciding to go with a new unit.  Often the energy savings associated with a newer, more efficient unit will make replacement an enticing, economically sound option.

Bargain Plumber can replace your unit with any brand or style of water heater.  The first decision you need to made is which type of heater you want to have installed; Gas, Electric, or Tankless.

  Your standard water heater will have a 40-75 gallon tank of water that it keeps heated, waiting for you to turn on the shower or faucet and use its supply.  A tankless water heater doesn't keep this resevoir of heated water; it heats the water as you need it, very quickly. 
Since it isn't contantly keeping a large supply of water heated, tankless is generally considered to be a more efficient solution to hot water; only using energy when you need hot water.   As soon as you have the heated water you need, the unit shuts down completely.
Another great benefit to a tankless heater is an endless supply of hot water.  Once a conventional water heater runs out of hot water, it needs time to resupply and heat more water; but a tankless heater is always ready to go!  It can just keep heating water, until you and your whole family are showered and shaved.

These will usually be more cost effective than a standard electric heater, and they will also heat water quicker.  If you already have the gas lines installed (for your stove, for example), going with gas will usually be a better choice than a standard electric.  Sometime rerouting gas lines to your heater may be nessecary, but this is often a small enough cost to be viable.
Always use a professional, like Bargain Plumber, when installing gas lines.

Many people choose electric because the initial installation is cheaper, or because they don't already have gas lines installed in their home.
Gas vs. Electric?
Electric Heaters are cheaper than Gas of Tankless water heaters, but generally use more energy (hence cost more money) to operate.  However, unlike gas heaters, it's easy to install a timer on an electric heater, which will save on energy costs if you can estimate the times you will use hot water.
There are also some minor safety issues with gas heaters, such as explosion from a gas leak.  Gas heaters need to vent exhaust,  which can take more space, and have increased install costs; electric heaters don't need to vent exhaust.
Electric heaters also have less parts, and will, therefore, have a longer lifespan than a gas heater.

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We don't call ourselves "Bargain" Plumber just for fun...we really can save you money.  Water heater repair and replacement is one of our biggest money savers.  We install and repair all brands and types of hot water heaters;  Gas, electric or tankless.